3 LinkedIn Headline Formulas you can use immediately

Over the past two years, Dina and I have changed our LinkedIn headlines multiple times. Our business is still in its early stage, constantly evolving, and testing different copy approaches on our Target Audience is necessary. That’s great for you, as you can learn from our trial & error.

So here are 3 Formulas you can apply to your profile straight away. We added the Pros & Cons of each, helping you make a better decision.

Formula 1.

I help you do [X] and [Y] with [Z]. Job Title.

[X] – Outcome 1.

[Y] – Outcome 2.

[Z] – How.

Example Headline 1.

I help you attract & convert clients through Power Writing. Co-founder of Authority Marketing.


→ Focused on the outcome that a Target Client expects.
→ Communicates HOW.
→ “Co-founder” says “decision-maker”.


→ “Co-founder” attracts tons of bots & automated messages.
→ Contains “I”, which moves away from being fully customer-centric.

Formula 2.

Turning your [X] into [Y].

[Y] – Outcome.

Example Headline 2.

Turning your LinkedIn into a 6-figure Revenue Channel.


→ Short, so people want to know more.
→ Visually attractive.
→ Clear & concise.


→ Lacks results.
→ Focused solely on LinkedIn. (Which is optimal only if your business doesn’t do anything else.)
→ Excludes those aiming for 7+ figures.

Formula 3.

Turning [X] into [Y], and helping you do the same. | Accomplished [Z] with [A] & [B].

[Y] – Outcome.

[Z] – Result.

[A] & [B] – How.

Example Headline 3.

Turning words into Paying Clients, and helping you do the same. | Built my brand from 700 to 70,000+ through targeted content & power writing principles.


→ Focused on the outcome that a Target Client expects.
→ Contains a specific result.
→ Communicates HOW.


→ Result is LinkedIn-orientated. (Which is not optimal because that’s not the only thing we do & have results for.)
→ Long.
→ Doesn’t communicate WITHOUT (our enemy), which can sometimes appear stronger. For instance, “Built my brand from 700 to 70,000+ without selfies, pods, or sleazy trick-the-algorithm tactics.”

You decided yet?


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