3 Post Styles for Insane Engagement

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The truth is – writing engaging posts is hard.

That’s probably one of the reasons you’re here.

Even if you’ve found that writing on LinkedIn hasn’t worked for you in the past, let us show you how applying a few proven styles can make all the difference.

Here are three of our best-performing organic posts, the reason behind their success, and how you can put them into practice to start creating momentum asap.


Why it works:

  • One step at a time. Showing people that one BIG goal can be easily achieved if shredded into small steps, will motivate them to take action. And hit like.
  • Easily digestible. The reader doesn’t need much effort to read & understand what you’re trying to say. Repeating “if-then” further simplifies it.
  • Relatable. Many folks on LinkedIn can relate to this. Either they’re trying to generate inbound leads, but don’t know how, or they’ve already used this approach, and know it works.


Write an “if-then” post related to your industry.

Think of a desired goal your target audience is trying to achieve, and brake it down into small steps.


To this day, people rave over this post.

If you can remember it too, it means that you’ve been on my journey from the very beginning. And I love you.

It got “only” 281 likes, but back then I had written less than 20 LinkedIn posts altogether. (And the algorithm was already a jerk.)

This is the proof that with the right frameworks, you can see results very very fast.

Why it works:

  • Highly relatable. Everybody loves desserts. And everybody feels guilty while eating them. This is something that almost every person on the planet can connect with.
  • Shows the right approach. Most of the companies would write this in the company-centric way (left picture). Showing them why this approach is wrong (instead of telling them) is incredibly powerful.
  • Easily digestible. There are only a couple of lines you gotta read to get the point. Low reading effort in exchange for high value. Bingo.

Additionally, “show, don’t tell” principle proves your expertise better than anything else.

This is one of the posts that got me the most inbound leads for copywriting projects.


Create a “show, don’t tell” post.

First show how it shouldn’t be done (and yet most people do it), and then how it should be done.

You can also use “before-after” images.

For instance, if you’re a logo designer, you can put a previous logo of the company on the left (which obviously sucks), and your much better version on the right.

If you’re good at what you do, there’s almost ZERO chance that you won’t get inbound leads from this type of posts.


This was the engagement (I couldn’t fit it in the first screenshot):

Why it works:

  • Motivating. Shows what can be achieved in only one year. People want results fast.
  • “You can do it too” approach. The last two sentences’ purpose is to inspire the reader to simply start. The rest will follow.
  • Numbers never lie. People like to see numbers because they have the power to walk the talk. Proving that something is possible adds weight to your words.


Write one “before-after” post.

Show your audience what’s possible if they put in the effort.

All good?

Now, block a time in your calendar when you’ll sit down, and complete each exercise.

Knowledge is power.

Applied knowledge is cash.

See you next Friday.

You’re the best,


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