3 tested copywriting Frameworks

Why our LinkedIn profiles sell more than others –

We integrate Sales Page Frameworks into each About section. Simple as that.

Here are our three Top performers. Enjoy.

1. Shock & Awe.

  • BANNER: Shocking statistic.
  • HEADLINE: Hit your target client’s biggest problem & give a 1-sentence solution.
  • ABOUT: Say something people didn’t expect + Outline Problem + Break 1 Misconception + Your Solution + Testimonial + CTA.
  • PAST POSITIONS: Link past skills to your current business.

2. The Who, What & How.

  • BANNER: Intriguing Question.
  • HEADLINE: Who you help, what you help them with, and how.
  • ABOUT: Problem + Amplify Problem + What they’re doing wrong + Solve it step-by-step + Results + CTA.
  • CURRENT POSITION: Outline your process with a client journey.
  • PAST POSITIONS: Tell stories about how you solved similar problems.

3. Social Overproof.

  • BANNER: Logos of previous clients/Customer Rating/Screenshotted Testimonial.
  • HEADLINE: 3,257 clients can’t be wrong. (Insert correct number.)
  • ABOUT: How the problem makes them feel + What happens if they don’t solve it + Your Solution & Guarantee + How they feel after the problem has been solved + CTA.
  • CURRENT POSITION: 3 mini Before & After stories.
  • PAST POSITIONS: Tell stories about how you developed your methodology.

Which one will you pick?

Regardless of your choice, always adopt the Sales Page Framework.

“Sales” is in the title.



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