9 Reasons Why You Can’t Monetise Your Audience

If you’ve ever wondered why your LinkedIn followers aren’t buying, you’re not alone. In fact, it happens all too often. People easily fall into the trap of hyper-focusing on engagement, number of followers, or blindly copying what big influencers are doing. But even your favourite influencers book consulting calls with us – because they don’t know how to monetise their audience.

So let’s fix that.

Reason 1. Talking about too many stuff at once.

Aim to be known for 1 thing.

When somebody says “BMW”, you automatically think cars.

Your personal brand needs to have the exact same effect on people.

Reason 2. Sharing personal stories that are irrelevant to your Target Audience.

What you had for dinner yesterday is only worth sharing if you sell Online Cooking Classes. Or Nutrition Guides.

Rule of thumb: if it has nothing to do with the problem you solve for your Target Audience, it’s not worth of posting.

Reason 3. “Me” posts instead of “You” posts.

Nobody cares about you. People only care about what’s in it for THEM.

So make every single piece of writing about the reader. And be ruthless.

I even made my WEDDING INVITATION about the reader.

“The fuck?”

It’s true. Here’s a screenshot if you don’t believe me.

Reason 4. Weak Hooks.

You can write the best post in the world, but if your hook sentence is weak – nobody’s ever gonna read it.

A good hook means 70% of your job is done.

So if you want people to read your posts, write strong hooks.

Reason 5. Weak Post Endings.

A good hook will stop people scrolling, but a strong ending will make them remember you.

Too many creators overlook this. They write a good hook, a solid post body, then their ending’s weak.

Pro Tip: write strong endings to stay top of mind.

Reason 6. Vague Advice.

Imagine I told you “post good content & you’re gonna get engagement”. That’s how most advice looks nowadays.

If you want to build authority, your advice needs to be good. Like, really good.

Rule of thumb: using specific examples, giving actionable advice that can be applied immediately after reading the post, or revealing something juicy other experts are charging for are all ways to go.

Reason 7. Selfies.

Selfies only weaken the message. Period.

If you want me to buy your $1,000 consulting, your pretty face won’t help.

You need to show me you can actually solve my pain.

Reason 8. Lack of Proof.

Prove you can do the job any way you possibly can. The faster you do this, the faster you’re going to make money.

Talk about your results, your clients’ results, case studies, and screenshot testimonials.

If you don’t have these yet, focus on number 6 & avoid number 7 at any cost.

Reason 9. Unoptimised LinkedIn Profile.

If your LinkedIn profile is shit, you won’t sell. Simple as that.

Think about it –

It makes no sense to spend hours creating content, only to be driving traffic to an unoptimised profile, does it?

Rule of thumb: write a profile that sells, THEN create content.

Ready to monetise your audience?

Let’s make it happen.

Talk soon,


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