99% of LinkedIn profiles overlook this

Let’s address the issue that 99% of LinkedIn profiles overlook.

The Experience section.

Even if you wrote a decent Headline and polished your About section, there’s still a high chance you haven’t put the proper effort in to make your Experience section scream “Expert”.

I get it. Easy to overlook. Even easier to lose money because of it.

Here’s how it usually goes.

At some point you were filling in your profile.

You got to the Experience section and thought, “No one will read this anyway”.

So you decided to take a shortcut.

  • ​”Ok, I will concentrate on the key skills here.”
  • “Hmm, that would be easier to put in bullet points.”
  • “I’ll just do it for each past position, and then I’m good to go.”

​See the obvious problem?

You haven’t proven anything. Whoever is reading your profile right now, isn’t convinced you are the person they should be handing their hard earned money to. So they move on.

Want to fix this? Read on.

Here’s how your thought process should go instead.

  • Which skills do I need to showcase for my current business/dream job?
  • How can I find an angle to prove I mastered those skills in my previous roles?
  • How does that relate to what I do now?

Once you have these written down, write a story for each past position.

Seems impossible?

Real Example.

Meet Kerry.

Kerry was working as a Senior DEA Agent & Diplomat for a couple of decades before he pivoted into coaching parents with autistic children.

Basically he went from chasing Walter White to helping struggling families. Not the usual career change, hard to merge one skillset into another, and still show your expertise.

That’s when he came to us.

Below is a snapshot of how Kerry’s skills transferred from crime to coaching.

Key sentences are highlighted in yellow.

And this is only a small part of one position.

Now imagine this repeated for 30 years of employment.

Powerful, right?

Your move.

That was a lot to process, I know. But the next move is on you. Dominating 99% of LinkedIn profiles requires action.

And in case you need a step-by-step Guide to implement this –

Here it is.

15 steps. Bunch of examples. Simple formulas to follow.

All yours.

Until next time mate,


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