The $8,991 post

How much is your post worth?

Could be ZERO. But it could be thousands of dollars. $8,991, to be specific.

About two months ago, I published this

Landing Page Breakdown

Supp, gang?

Here’s the landing page science we used to get you subscribed.

But worry not, you signed up for the good stuff.

So take a notepad

Turning results into inbound leads

Talking about your results has always been the easiest way to monetise your audience.

But nothing is ever as easy as it seems, innit?


5 Powerful Headline Formulas

Whether you wanna write an engaging LinkedIn post, captivating ad, or subject line that has everyone rushing to open your email, make sure

3 Post Styles for Insane Engagement

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This is our first ever newsletter.

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But don’t you worry child. We promise to write