My favourite writing hacks

In the past 12 months, I’ve generated over 3,000,000 LinkedIn post views, 40,000 likes, and 20,000 comments.

All without paid advertising.

20 LinkedIn Profile FAQs

I get asked hundreds of LinkedIn profile questions every day. So I’ve chosen the 20 that matter, and answered them below.

Let’s roll.

1. “How long

5 Post Endings That Booked Calls

A couple of days back, I was analysing which posts booked in the MOST Discovery Calls for our $4,000+ services over the last 12 months. And

Validating clarity in 60 sec

If your prospects don’t understand the value behind your offer, they’re never going to become paying clients.

Having said that, clarity is your

3 tested copywriting Frameworks

Why our LinkedIn profiles sell more than others –

We integrate Sales Page Frameworks into each About section. Simple as that.

Here are our three

PYC Writing Formula

Over the past two years, we’ve written, polished, and given feedback on 200+ LinkedIn profiles. ‘Dis a lot.

Throughout that period, we’ve developed a

LinkedIn Profile DOs & DON’Ts

Hey Superstar,

If you apply all the right principles, and avoid the common mistakes, your LinkedIn profile will sell for you 24/7.

So let’s make it