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How To Connect Multiple Audiences With 1 Message.

If you haven’t been working in your niche for 10+ years, and polishing your “Ideal Client”cheatsheet to perfection, there’s a high chance you have a problem called Multiple Target Personas.

Here’s the thing.

You have a skill, you know your solution works, and when you get them to work with you – your clients get decent results. But you haven’t defined the ins & outs of your Ideal Client yet. You don’t know all their pains, why the hell they listen to Nickelback, or what’s the biggest bottleneck keeping them from their desired result.

And that makes it harder for your message to resonate.

Truth is, you need years of industry experience to define which specific client gets the biggest ROI from working with you, with the lowest amount of effort on your side. Think of it like an ultra-marathon.

But the catch is – you need clients NOW. And your posts need to resonate well enough to attract inbound leads.

“There’s got to be a solution to this”, I hear you saying. Turns out – there is.

Instead of endlessly contemplating over the traits of different Target Personas, identify the PROBLEM they all have in common, and frame your content around it.

I’ll Give You An Example.

Say you’re a Personal Trainer, and have a wide variety of client personas based on age, gender, and ability levels.

Some want to lose weight, others to get stronger, and every now and again you get someone preparing for a big event.

A beginner would think, “Well, I’ll just talk about everything I know about training”. WRONG. Focus on the problems they all share.

Let’s say you found the following – all your clients feel they can’t do it alone, and lack both the knowledge & self-discipline needed to get the results they want.

So you would talk about these from as many angles as possible, over and over again, and when you get sick of it – talk about it EVEN MORE.

Then Your Posts Would Look Something Like This.

They feel they can’t do it alone.

POST TYPE 1: Value-Add.

“5 simple rules for effective training.”

They lack the necessary knowledge.

POST TYPE 2: Break The Common Beliefs.

“The truth about calories in, calories out.”

They lack self-discipline.

POST TYPE 3: Motivational.

“How NOT to give up while dieting.”

Makes sense?

This All Links Back To Your BIG-3.

The problem you solve, for whom, and how.

Without having clarity on these, you’re handing business to your competitors that do.

So, if you wanna level the playing field, I’ll see you in person next Friday.

Talk soon,


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