Hook readers in with your Headline & Banner

With Christmas around the corner, Santa started to feel a little panicky.

This year he had more work than ever (while remaining massively underpaid), his top performer Rudolf called in sick, and a couple of elves burned out & quit days before the Big Deadline. On top of that, Santa realised his LinkedIn profile was crap.

It didn’t showcase his true expertise, or the value he continuously brings to the table through the chimney. When his customers read through his profile, they got a feeling he’s just another deliveryman. And truth to be told, Santa’s so much more. He simply didn’t know how to put his value into words, and finally prove to the world he’s the real deal.

So last week, Santa hired us to revamp his LinkedIn profile.

The Problem.

Santa’s old profile couldn’t hook readers in. People would click on his profile, and wouldn’t even make it to the About section before packing in.

His Banner (i.e. Background photo, Cover photo, or however you wanna call it) was just an image of a few packages. Doesn’t really tell you much, does it? Remember, your Banner is one of the first things people see when clicking on your profile, so better use it wisely.

Next, his Headline said “Deliveryman at North Pole Inc.” Again, nothing special. Does he sound like THE guy you would call for your next delivery? Not really. You wouldn’t even bother reading further, you’d just close the tab, and keep on doing whatever you were doing 5 sec ago.

Santa just lost his chance of doing business with you.

Our Approach.

So here’s what we wrote:

  1. A PROBLEM-ORIENTED BANNER STRAPLINE + RESULT. The goal: target his customers’ biggest perceived pain, and prove he can solve it.
  2. A SOLUTION-ORIENTED HEADLINE + SOCIAL PROOF. The goal: provide a concise solution in one sentence; what does he do, and what demonstrates he’s competent to do it.

A combo of the two impels his customers to keep on reading.

The Outcome.

For Santa, Christmas came early this year. He finally managed to raise his prices, and charge what he deserves (without losing repeat custom).

He went from “overworked and underpaid” to “charging serious $$$ for his expertise”. Not because Santa changed what he does, or how he does it, but simply because Santa changed how he communicates his value.

And the best thing is – you can do the same.

Write a problem-oriented Banner (think of the main problem your ideal customer has), and a solution-oriented Headline (who do you help, what do you help them with, and how). If you can spice it up with a sprinkling of previous results, congratulations.

You just hooked every potential customer on this planet into reading your LinkedIn profile. And therefore, doing business with you. I can already hear the “ker-ching” in my head.

Merry Christmas mate, have a great one!


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