How I got 1,500+ leads in 2 years on LinkedIn

These days I hear from a lot of LinkedIn gurus “Selfies get 3x more engagement.”

To that I say, show me the money. Ain’t nobody buying your $3,000 coaching because of your dazzling smile. People actually need to believe you’re the expert they’ve been looking for to solve their painful problem. And there are a lot of “experts” out there.

So how do you make your ideal clients believe you’re the one who’s worth their investment?

By consistently proving your expertise through your content. This cute little philosophy has brought us 900+ product sales and 1,500+ inbound leads for our business so far. Meanwhile we’ve sent no outbound messages, and have ZERO ad spend.

It all comes down to one thing – what you post about.

How I decide on what to post each week.

Every Friday, I write five posts for the following week. I don’t sit around waiting for inspiration. Instead, I came up with the Targeted Content Model, that enables me to approach my writing strategically. If you want your content to bring you paying customers, your writing has to be intentional. Read that again. Slowly. None of my posts on LinkedIn are there by accident. Every single post has a clear goal. So let me show you how to use the model, and sell more of whatever it is that you’re selling.

The Targeted Content Model.

  1. Determine which products/services you want to sell. Those are your subject areas.
  2. Commit to writing 60%+ weekly posts on those subject areas.
  3. Divide subject areas into topics.
  4. Observe the topics through the eyes of your Target Audience.
  5. Write.


I know, that doesn’t say much. But let me explain.

For instance, last month we only had the bandwidth to write LinkedIn profiles, so I was pushing that specific service through my LinkedIn content. To be precise, I was aiming to write three out of five posts on that subject. I’ve tested multiple post types, and the highest converters prove you can do the job:


Real Example: Our 3-step approach you can steal to stand out in a multi-billion $$$ industry + link to the recent profile we’ve written using that same approach.


Real Example: “9 unorthodox LinkedIn profile tips that trigger a response, even from trillion-dollar companies.”


Real Example: “Mario went from having ZERO options to having companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Zalando SE reach out to HIM on LinkedIn, after we’ve written his LinkedIn profile.”


Real Example: “Screenshotted LinkedIn profile”of Hannibal Lecter (read designed in Canva), which showed our audience how we approach Banner & Headline writing.

“Sounds awesome, but I can’t always write these.”

I know. You’re not always in a position to fire massive results, testimonials, and case studies on LinkedIn. But there’s one thing you still can do, and it’s quite a badass – observe the topics through the eyes of your Target Audience.

Specifically, think of their pains, fears, wants, desires, and results they wanna achieve. Then write about them.

If your writing speaks to their minds, they’ll already perceive you as their go-to Expert. This is incredibly powerful.

Let’s go back to the LinkedIn profile example. That’s one subject area I can write about. Now, let’s divide that subject area into smaller topics. Those smaller topics will be determined by those pains, fears, desires, and results my target audience wants.

For example, they don’t know how to write a banner that grabs attention, a clear headline, how to use storytelling in their Experience section, how to verbalise their value, present their offer, impel the reader to contact them, and the list can go on for ten more minutes. The point is, those are all topics I can talk about.

Then, after I write my post, I need to ask myself:

“Can they apply my advice immediately after reading my post?”

“Is it actionable enough?”

“Is it clear?”

“Did they learn something new?”

If the answer is yes, I can hit the “post” button. And expect some inbound leads heading my way.

If you ever answer with a “no”, go back & rewrite it. I know that posting a no-context selfie with a personal story would be much easier, but you’re not running a Carrie Bradshaw column here. You’re running a business.

Now go, and try it out.

Before you pay for any coaching or consulting sessions, actually put this advice into practice. It works.

If (and only if) you’ll still be struggling with attracting and converting your ideal clients through writing, you’ll be pleased to hear that we’re already preparing a bunch of actionable content & copy workshops for 2023. All the early bird prices will be sent out to you first. Then to our LinkedIn audience. So you’ll have a chance to grab your spot for the lowest price possible.



Here’s to an absolutely EPIC year.

Sending hugs,


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