How to ethically steal content ideas

Originality is a myth.

The best pieces of writing come from successfully upgrading the old, not inventing the new.

Connecting the dots from different industries & problems, and intentionally transferring them to your niche – will make sure you never run out of content ideas again.

Let me show you how.

Here’s an example of a brilliant post on FINANCE that later inspired my post on WRITING.

So this is what I did.

  1. Took the post format. Common pains + Common consequences + Punchy sentences = Attention.
  2. Replaced “hard” with “easy”. To minimise resemblance.
  3. Kept the moral of the story, while staying relevant to my Target Audience. “You make money when you’re willing to do what’s hard” was the lesson to take, applicable to both industries.

The result.

How to apply this.

  1. ONLY follow quality Content Creators. (That way you can steal from the best.)
  2. Screenshot posts that grab your attention. (Chances are, they’ll catch other people’s attention too.)
  3. Take what worked (e.g. hooks, format, style), and adapt it to your Target Audience.

Needless to say, make sure you never plagiarise. That’s a dick move for losers. And you’re a winner.

Don’t forget that Champ.

Have fun this weekend, whatever you get up to.



P.S. Another way to ethically steal content ideas, that’ve been proven to work time & again, is this.

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