LinkedIn Profile Breakdown – Californian Lobbyist

​How do you write a LinkedIn profile that stands out in a multi-billion dollar industry?

And proves you’re a Top Expert in your field?

I’ll let you in on a little secret…

There’s no difference between writing a $1,000 & $1,000,000 profile. Persuasive writing always follows the same principles.

You’ll see what I mean in a minute.

Today I’ve broken down an ENTIRE Californian Lobbyist’s profile, to show you exactly which techniques we apply when writing our clients’ profiles.

Steal these (no matter your industry or deal size), and turn your profile into your 24/7 Sales Rep.

Here’s some context before you start reading the profile.

Job Title: Californian Lobbyist, fighting for social, economic & climate justice.

Goal: Looking for clients.

Professional Challenge: Stand out among Industry Giants.

Target Client: Advocacy & Labor Organizations with operating budgets of min $3M/year.

Target Client’s Main Problem: They want to make a positive change, but don’t know how. They hire lobbyists who don’t care about their mission & produce mediocre results.

Now onto the profile.


[Statistic + Challenging Question]

There are over 1,800 registered lobbyists in California.

How do you make sure your voice is heard?


[I help X do Y + Result + Job Title]

I help Advocacy & Labor Organizations implement Legislature Reform and secure Billions of Dollars to build sustainable Communities. Principal Advisor at [Company Name].


Imagine lawmakers actually gave your cause the attention it deserves.


How would that affect your organization? Your community? The world?

[Painting the picture]

There are thousands of interest groups represented by highly paid lobbyists knocking on doors at the Capitol, vying for lawmakers’ attention. [Pain]

I help you get to the front of the line, making sure your voice is heard by the right people, at the right time. [Benefit]

You’ve heard it all before – consultants promising the world, but delivering next to nothing.


Or, you tried to do it yourself, and wasted countless hours trying to gain traction – only to have your proposals passed over in favor of more powerful interests… [Pain]

…before you even get to talk to a Lawmaker.


It makes you question yourself, your mission, your ability to lead.


You feel like you’ve failed everyone around you, let down all the people you want to help, and now you’re questioning everything. [Amplify Pain]



In California $309 Mill is spent each year on lobbying.


When so much money is thrown at law makers by corporate interests wanting to protect their bottom line, it’s no surprise you feel like you’re not making any progress.

Organizations that work for justice & sustainability need someone on the inside that can not only compete with the “big boys”, but care deeply about their success. [Solution]

But first and foremost, you need results.


You need to secure local, state & federal funding so workers and their communities not only survive, but thrive? [Desire]

I’ve led campaigns securing $1 Bill, and rising.


You want to pass legislation that benefits working families?


I led the efforts that passed SB 855 and guaranteed 400,000 homecare workers the right to overtime pay, increasing their annual compensation by $300 – $400 Mill. [Result]

But most importantly, you want someone that is personally invested in your success, and won’t just string you along? [Desire]

Look no further.

I come from Labor.


I actively fight for social, economic & climate justice,

and all the policy makers in the Capitol know that when I bring a cause I BELIEVE IN to their attention, it is no longer “just another bill”. [Bold Statement]

If you want an honest assessment from an experienced Political Advisor, book a FREE Consultation by following the link [insert link]. [CTA]


1. Principal Advisor at [Company Name].

There are over 1,800 registered lobbyists seeking to influence California’s Government.


That’s 15 lobbyists per lawmaker.


Without help, there’s a high chance your priorities are going to get lost in the crowd.


You have 2 options:

  1. Spend millions of dollars on a small army of lobbyists, and play the numbers game.

[Bad Practice]

2. Hire an advisor that believes in your mission.

[Good Practice]

Option one is usually reserved for Mega Corps.

For example:

In 2019 alone, $296 Mill were spent lobbying the California Government, most of which came from big pharma & healthcare providers. [Statistic]

Chances are – you can’t outspend them.


But don’t give up hope just yet…

You still have option two. Me.


My career fighting against inequality, and delivering historic results speaks for itself.


I help you guide the conversation, and own your seat at the table.


With me by your side you will:

[Naked Benefits]

· Quickly navigate the politics & processes.

· Build political power & influence.

· Build strategic, non-traditional alliances.

So, if you’re sick and tired of failing to make a difference, book a call at [insert link], and take your first step to success. [CTA]

2. Legislative Director.

When you represent some of the most marginalized workers and their families, failure isn’t an option.[Hook]

I dedicated 10 years of my life giving low-income domestic workers a voice in government.


Making sure the issues affecting their lives didn’t fall on deaf ears.

120,000 different in-home support services, and 20,000 child care providers spread over 45 counties relied on me to make sure their voice was not only heard at the Capitol, but their needs were met. [Result]

I had no choice but to become an expert in navigating the corridors of power, and learned exactly what it takes to force legislative change. [Expertise]

Imagine the obstacles you need to overcome to prevent catastrophic budget cuts that would wipe out $500M+ in healthcare funding a year for 500,000 Californians – and win. [Result]

Or what it takes to protect IHSS from annual budget cuts, especially amidst a recession.


What about convincing the Governor to approve $300-400 million in new, ongoing funding to cover overtime pay for 400,000 homecare workers? [Result]

And if I told you during that time I moved numerous bills through the Legislature, such as AB 1993 (2020) the Family Caregivers Economic Security Act, signing on dozens of co-authors… [Result]

…and getting it passed through both houses, gaining almost unanimous bi-partisan support…


…you would think I was exaggerating.

[Bold Statement]

I’m not.

But why am I telling you all of this?

You need to know that even against all odds, you can still get results.


Every victory begins with a vision.

And here’s the thing most lobbyists won’t tell you.

When the person you choose to represent your cause not only has the knowledge, experience & connections, but also zealously believes in what you want to accomplish –

Anything is possible.

[Strong Ending]

3 Research Analyst.

Knowledge is power.


Especially when it comes to advocacy.

Without facts and figures, your argument is just another opinion.

[Bold Statement]

You need to understand the political & policy landscape, past and present, to shape your proposals, and respond fast to changing conditions. [Challenge]

To pass new legislation it often takes a whole team of people working tirelessly behind the scenes collecting, analyzing, and simplifying the data to add weight to your words. [Challenge]

Small acts, such as researching trends in public policy, can make a BIG difference to people’s lives. [Bold Statement]

Let me show you how.

[Show, Don’t Tell]

Back in 2000, it was my job to analyze local, state and federal policies and provide the data we needed to support legislative changes in the interests of the 125,000 New York Municipal Workers who made up our membership. [Expertise]

Priorities such as access to high-quality healthcare and affordable childcare, and increasing wages so workers could do more than just get by.

That meant convincing Lawmakers to invest funding into programs that achieve these goals, by proving that it would benefit New York City as a whole. [Result]

…It was far from easy.

But what happened next, changed the way they think forever.

[Life-Changing Event]

In the aftermath of 9/11 when the streets erupted into chaos, our Union Members catapulted themselves into action.

EMS workers put their lives on the line, while Nurses, Social workers, Sanitation workers, and other Municipal workers worked tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the city running.

Yes, some were more visible than others, saving lives and clearing the streets, but for every person with a visible impact there were 3+ others cleaning hospitals, repairing power lines, and ensuring that 8 million people had clean drinking water.

It showed the world that when you invest in your people, they can perform miracles.

[Strong Ending]

Still reading?


Now you know exactly what it takes to write an industry-dominant profile, and make your Target Clients believe you’re the next logical step to solving their problem.

Look at you.

You’re kind of a big deal.

See you again next week.

Sending hugs,


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