LinkedIn Profile DOs & DON’Ts

Hey Superstar,

If you apply all the right principles, and avoid the common mistakes, your LinkedIn profile will sell for you 24/7.

So let’s make it happen.

Here are the DOs & DON’Ts for each section.

1. Cover Photo.


– Empty. (You’re wasting valuable space.)

– Irrelevant to the problem you solve for your Target Audience. (No conversion power.)

– Quotes. (Weak)

– Stock photos. (Weak)

– Photos of you. (Self-centric instead of customer-centric, superfluous since your profile photo is right there.)


– Social proof. (Customer ratings, logos of previous clients, big results, or a meaningful testimonial are all great ways to build credibility.)

– A problem-oriented Strapline. (Target your Ideal Client’s dominant problem, and impel them to keep on reading.)

Example: How much time, money & effort have you wasted this month chasing leads that will never buy?

2. Headline.

DON’Ts: Vague, 3+ roles, communicating your skill instead of the main BENEFIT for your Target Client.

DOs: A solution-oriented Headline. (Provide a concise solution in one sentence.)

Example: Only 60% of AI generated leads are worth chasing. I bring it up to 100% using Human Amplified Intent Data.

3. Featured.

DON’Ts: Links to your top performing posts & articles.

DOs: Links to your chosen offers. (E.g. Consulting Calls, Newsletter, Products.)

4. About.


– Self-centric, containing “I” sentences.

– Talking about who you are, or what you do.

– Not connecting with your Ideal Client’s pains, wants, fears, and desires.


– Fully customer-centric, containing “you” sentences.

– Using Pareto Principle. (80% talk about your Ideal Client’s problem & 20% about your solution.)

– Utilising proven frameworks. (Problem, Amplify, Solution, Call-To-Action.)

5. Experience.


– Cramming a bunch of bullet points. (Impossible to emotionally connect with the reader.)

– Self-centric, containing “I” sentences.

In the past.


Storytelling. (Connecting with the reader’s pains, wants, fears, and desires.)

Fully customer-centric, containing “you” sentences.

In the present, proving that your past skills solve your client’s CURRENT problem.

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