Maslow’s Hierarchy of Sales

Imagine randomly scrolling through your LinkedIn feed, and coming across a sales post from someone you don’t know much about. Are you buying their $5,000 coaching? Hell no.

Fair enough. Are you buying their $250 course, or $90 ebook? Still very unlikely, even if it sounds like something useful. The reason is simple – you don’t trust them. And nobody buys until they believe.

This reminds me of Maslow. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs suggests that the individual must satisfy lower-level needs, before meeting their higher-level ones. The same concept is applicable to sales. There are certain levels that must be met in order for an individual to buy from you.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Sales.

1. Grab Attention.

Grabbing attention is the foundation of the hierarchy. You either grab people’s attention, or they scroll past you. To avoid the latter, you have to write strong Hooks. That way you impel the reader to keep on reading.

2. Educate.

Once you’ve grabbed attention, you need to keep it. Subconsciously, while reading your post, the reader is thinking, “What’s in it for me?” Make it obvious by giving away valuable information & actionable advice. (Avoid surface-level and vague advice.)

3. Build Trust.

Is there anyone else you’ll trust more than somebody you’ve been learning from for the past 6 months? Hardly. Your clients are no different. Take it to the next level by sharing proof – your results, your clients’ results & testimonials. It’s how you build Authority. In case you need authority-building content ideas, you can access them here.

4. Create Hype.

The penultimate level is creating hype around your upcoming product/service. I suggest you start the hype three weeks before launch. In your content, hyper-focus on the problems your upcoming product/service solves for your Target Audience. They’ll be hungry for more.

5. Sell.

Now it’s finally time to sell. If you haven’t skipped any of the previous steps, by this point your target audience not only trusts you, but is super hyped about whatever it is that you’re selling. And ready to click “buy”.

That’s all for now Chipmunk.

The idea of this letter is simple –

There are certain levels that must be met, before you can move onto the next. In marketing, and in life.

But regardless of the level that applies to your journey, I hope you’re enjoying the ride.

That’s always been the point.



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