Posts that made us most money in 2022

This is the list of the 10 best LinkedIn posts we wrote in 2022.

And when I say “best”, I’m not talking about engagement or followers gained, I’m talking about actual money we earned through selling our products & services.

So let’s dive in.

1. Results + Screenshot.

Telling people what they need to do to get from A to B, and then showing them you’ve already been there, is incredibly powerful.

The result?

More interest in your products & services, more sales, and more cash in your pocket.

2. Proof of Skill.

Nothing sells your services better than proving you can do the job.

After we’d written an imaginary LinkedIn profile for Hannibal Lecter, we had 3 discovery calls booked in straight away for our $2,997 Profile Writing Service, and 6 more inbound leads who didn’t qualify to jump on a call with us.

3. Painfully Good Advice.

This was my carousel post on optimising your About section to drive in more sales. The free value I provided here was greater than what most experts would charge you for. And it worked.

We sold five “15 Steps to Writing a Killer LinkedIn Profile” ebooks that day, based solely on this post.

The formula is simple: give out painfully good advice for free, then overdeliver like a lunatic in your paid product.

It has to work.

4. Breaking the Common Belief.

Breaking the Common Belief is one one of the greatest marketing tactics known to mankind. Some experts built their entire careers based on calling out bullshit in their industries. James Linker (Shredded Sports Science) is a good example.

So write down all the misconceptions your Target Audience has. Then post about them.

5. Testimonials.

Social proof sells. Aim for testimonials that have tangible results (like the one above).

These post types are typically low in engagement, but high in revenue.

6. The Hidden Sale.

The Hidden Sale technique is cunning. You have to actually focus to see what Dina did here. She increased the sales of our product by 197% with this single post.

Instead of writing a typical sales post for the ebook we were selling, she taught our audience HOW TO write an effective sales post – by using the sales copy of the ebook we were trying to sell.

As a result, the average weekly sales at the time jumped from $225 to $670.

The lesson?

Education in the front. Sales in the back.

7. How-to + Examples.

Teaching your audience how to do something, and then giving them real-life examples, demonstrates your expertise straight away. Use it whenever possible.

This post got us both calls booked for our Profile Writing Service, and the 15 Step Profile Guide sold like crazy that day.

8. Real-Time Skill.

Showing you have a serious skill in real time is badass. We used this post as a part of our 15 Steps to Writing a Killer LinkedIn Profile ebook launch strategy.

This was the engagement in only one hour. The comment section was on fire, and so were the launch day sales ($6,000 in 24 hours).

9. Bad vs. Good.

What behaviour does your Target Audience need to change to get the result they want?

Illustrate what they’re doing right now (Bad Practice), and tell them what they should be doing instead (Good Practice).

And expect some inbound leads heading your way.

10. Change of Perspective.

Last but definitely not least. Check this out. We narrowed down the greatest outcome our Target Clients are after, to mastering a single skill – writing. And therefore, changed their perspective from what they think they need to what they truly need.

Again, it pushed the sales of both our ebooks & services.

Guess that’s it mate.

These techniques worked pretty well for us, and they will work for you, too. You’re welcome.

Btw hope this year has started off pretty amazing for you!

Cheers to that,


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