PYC Writing Formula

Over the past two years, we’ve written, polished, and given feedback on 200+ LinkedIn profiles. ‘Dis a lot.

Throughout that period, we’ve developed a 15-step process behind our Top-performing profiles, and numerous copy formulas crafted for a single purpose; to persuade.

But one formula stood out. It worked every time, with every person. Reason: It simply proved our clients are actually good at what they do. So we named it the PYC Writing Formula, aka Prove Your Competence writing formula.

Today, I’ll share the Formula with you, and a short example of how you can use it on your profile to convert more casual onlookers into Paying Clients.

Let’s do it.

The PYC Writing Formula.

For each job position, write down a story following the format below;

1. An issue you faced.

2. How you overcame it. (step-by-step)

3. The results you had. (Doesn’t always have to be the best outcome to be VALUABLE.)

4. The benefits to you/your business/your client.

5. How that relates to your current clients.


Back in 2022, I had to source 80,000T of iron ore a month, without any previous experience. [THE ISSUE]

By talking to contacts in the mining industry, telling them who the buyer was, where it was being shipped to, the grade needed, their SOP, how it would be transported, and how much they were willing to pay – I was able to find a potential seller within 3 months. [A 7-STEP PROCESS]

I managed to get both parties to the negotiating table, but an unforeseen crash in the market caused the deal to be delayed. [THE RESULT]

Yet, my client is still in contact with the mine, and plans to move forward in the near future. The seller trusts me to bring major, ready-to-buy clients who are worth their time, and I gained a reputation for being able to source raw materials in quantity. [THE BENEFITS]

Today, when my clients need to find large quantities of raw materials quickly, they know they can trust me to get them in a room with Mine Owners – without having to deal with an intermediary chain, or brokers who inflate the price. [RELATING IT TO THE PRESENT]

“Nice one. Where exactly can I use it Dina?”

Great question, glad you asked.

Not only can you bring it into play when writing your LinkedIn profile’s Experience section, but also when writing persuasive Case Studies, or talking about past projects with NEW clients. In their mind, this will position you as the best solution to their problem, and the right person to do the job.

“Sounds good. But what about the rest of my profile?” Ha! This is where we shine. Everything you need to write a profile that sells is already here.

You now hold great power in your hands. Use it wisely.

Until next time Chipmunk,


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