The $8,991 post

How much is your post worth?

Could be ZERO. But it could be thousands of dollars. $8,991, to be specific.

About two months ago, I published this post on LinkedIn:

People were raving about it. It got 66,758 impressions, 890 likes, 280 comments, and 12 reposts.

But most importantly, 7 people decided to book a discovery call after reading it, and 3 of them paid us $2,997 to write their LinkedIn profiles.

Let me explain five reasons why the post worked, and how you can do the same.

Why the post worked.

1. The hook addressed our Target Clients’ biggest DESIRE. Our target audience wants paying clients from LinkedIn. Period. That’s the main reason they’re on the platform.

2. Everybody wants “The Secret Formula”. Combined with the greatest desire, they will click on “see more”. Guaranteed.

3. It’s eye-appealing. The image you see below is a spot on. Easy to read, clear, and relatable.

4. The Unorthodox Concept. Most people still perceive LinkedIn profile as an online CV. Seeing something completely out of the ordinary will spark their interest.

5. Painfully Good Advice. This advice is not some random tip you can read every day. The shit works so well it’s scary.

How you can do the same.

Now onto the most important part; how to replicate this, and make some money. Let’s break it down into three steps.

1. Think of ONE specific problem you solve for your clients. In the example above, we focused on one of the main problems our clients face – writing a profile that converts. In your case, it can be helping them lose weight, launch an online course, speak with confidence, or whatever it is that you do.

2. Zoom out. No need to go into detail here. How do you do it? Think of the strategy you use while helping them solve a problem.

3. Simplify. Using a bare bones visual makes even the most complicated concepts idiot-proof. Turning clever into clear equals cash.

Time to write.

Alrighty then.

Time to put this into practice.

I’m trying to think of something super motivational, but I got nothing.

Just know this – all your efforts will pay off.

Pinky promise,


P.S. If you need ideas for posts that bring business, and a line to draw people in, check this out.

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