This formula will land you more subscribers

If you already have lots of subscribers, hooking people into your Newsletter isn’t rocket science.

The usual sentence goes like this: “Join 50k+ subscribers for our free newsletter who learn X.” Seeing thousands of people who’ve already subscribed is a good enough nudge to check it out.

But how do you write a post that will impel people to subscribe if you’re starting from scratch?

Here’s the Formula.

Let’s break it down.

  1. HOW TO + BENEFIT. This is one of the best Hook sentences you could possibly use; your only task here is to think about what your Target Audience finds beneficial.
  2. DESIRE. What will they get once they learn how to do X? Say it in 1 sentence.
  3. TEASER. Confirm what you’re gonna show them in your Newsletter. Back it up with your previous results when possible.
  4. MAIN STRUGGLE. Reassure them why not to miss an issue.
  5. CTA. Ask them to join.

That’s literally it amigo.

Take what already works. Apply it. And see how easy life becomes.

Until next time,


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