This Profile Framework made our client $3,000 in 7 days

Is your LinkedIn profile getting you enough booked calls?

If the answer is yes, this email isn’t for you.

But if you’re not satisfied with how your profile is performing, you might want to read on.

6 months ago, our client was facing typical service-based business owner’s problems:

  • Struggling to book Discovery Calls.
  • Worrying about where the next client would come from.
  • Underpricing their services.
  • Struggling to find clients willing to pay now.
  • Answering tons of questions about how their service works & what makes it worth the investment.

In a nutshell, it sucked.

They were trapped in a cycle of back & forth messages that never resulted in sales. So they decided to turn the tables. That’s why they hired us to write their LinkedIn profile.

The Results:

  • Scoring $3,000 in the first week. (After the profile went live.)
  • Reaching their ANNUAL financial target in 6 weeks.
  • Increasing their prices by 228%.
  • Calendar fully booked with Discovery Calls (ALL inbound).
  • Prospects are confident their service works before even jumping on a call.

“How the hell did you make that happen?”, you may ask.

The answer is quite simple; by using our 15-step writing process which anyone can follow.

But you don’t have time to read a long ass email that goes into super specific details. That’s why I picked out the juicy bits and created a streamlined framework you can digest & apply in less than 3 minutes.

So let’s begin.


Desire-Provoking Question.
The goal: target your Ideal Client’s biggest desire, and impel them to keep on reading.

“What if I told you I can discover your dream job in 2 hours?”


The goal: provide a concise solution in one sentence; who do you help, what do you help them with, and how.

“On a mission to help 1 million people find a job they love, using award-winning Predictive Analytics.”


Apply this 9-step Sales Page Framework:

1. Hook your Ideal Client in by using a relevant, shocking statistic.

2. Describe what they’re struggling with. (And how it makes them feel.)

3. Amplify the pain.

4. Describe how you discovered a solution.

5. Describe how you feel now. (After the problem is solved.)

6. Back it up. (Throw in Results & Testimonials.)

7. Bullet-point how the service works. (Emphasise the end-benefit.)

8. Finish with a strong, confident ending.

9. Tell them where to reach out. (Call-to-action)


After adopting the sales page framework in the About section, write a story for each past position, linking your past experiences to your CURRENT expertise.

The goal: prove how those positions made you the Expert you are today.

Tactics to use:

  • Customer-centric copy. (Talk directly to the reader.)
  • Proactively eliminate your Ideal Client’s objections.
  • Describe the benefits your employers/clients had while working with you.
  • Clearly state what you brought to the table that made a difference.
  • Mention all the results you had, while describing why your clients should care about it today.
  • Use strong hooks (first sentences) & strong endings.
  • Challenge your Target Clients & break common misconceptions.
  • Talk about client’s pains, wants, fears, and desires throughout every story. (This is how you connect with the reader.)
  • Explain how you successfully overcame the challenges your clients are facing at the moment.
  • Invite the reader to act on it NOW.

Why It Works.

Think of your LinkedIn profile like a first date. The reader showed up, so has some interest in you. Now you need to start building that connection, show that you’re “the one for them”, and convince them to call you back.

The 15-step process gives you a roadmap that does exactly that. It includes everything you need to identify with the reader’s deepest pains & desires making them hang on your every word, and feel you get them like no-one else.

It’s as powerful as it sounds.

You can thank me later,

Dina x

P.S. I’ll write your profile for $4,000. Or you can just DIY with this step-by-step Guide.

P.P.S. Some results our clients got by following our LinkedIn Profile Guide:

  • Closed two clients in a day.
  • 5 inbound leads & closed one deal in the first week.
  • 10+ closed deals in 35 days.

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