Took me 2 years on LinkedIn to learn this:

It took me two years on LinkedIn to learn these lessons.

You get them here in less than two minutes.

23 LinkedIn Lessons for 2023.

  1. Growth is not linear. It happens slowly, then all at once.
  2. Authority building > Audience building.
  3. If you want to maximise profits on LinkedIn, narrow down your entire Content Strategy into a single sentence.
  4. Number of followers means nothing. HOW you got to that number determines everything.
  5. Bringing constant value to your Audience beats the shit out of scoring an occasional viral post.
  6. Rule of thumb: write 95% of “give posts” & 5% of “ask posts”.
  7. People treat you differently once you build a Personal Brand.
  8. Strong copy sells. Weak copy gets lost in the crowd. (You don’t win by being afraid of offending someone.)
  9. Earn trust, then sell.
  10. LinkedIn Profile Formula: write for one target persona & go really deep.
  11. Hit the “mute/unfollow” button 10X more than you hit the “follow” button.
  12. Your LinkedIn profile has nothing to do with who you are. And everything to do with what you can do for others.
  13. Experts – wish they started posting years ago. Beginners – think they’ve got nothing to post about. Putting it off is a trap.
  14. Focusing on the algorithm is overrated. Improving your writing is underrated. (Read that again.)
  15. You don’t need 10 different funnels to be profitable. You need 1 that works.
  16. Posting selfies brings engagement. Posting useful content brings money.
  17. Content that brings in paying clients is 20% strategy, 40% copywriting, and 40% topics you talk about.
  18. The less you talk about yourself, the stronger your Personal Brand becomes.
  19. Posts that affect your wallet most: case studies, results, going deep into the “how”, talking openly about your industry’s misconceptions.
  20. The more proof of skill you post, the easier it will be to monetise your audience.
  21. Successful content creators rarely change what they talk about. They key is to say 1 thing in 1,000 different ways.
  22. You know you Personal Brand is well established when it helps you do at least 50% of the sale.
  23. Selling a $100 service is equally as hard as selling a $10,000 service. Nobody buys until they believe.

There ya go.

We got you all equipped and ready for 2023. Apply this knowledge next year, and there’s only one way to go – 100% upwards.

You celebrating already?

Fine, I’ll let you go then…

Here’s to smarter, stronger, happier, and more successful version of you in 2023.

Let’s make it the best one yet.

Happy New Year rockstar.



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