Turn your clients’ words into sales

“One annoying dude I met back in college called me a no-name designer.”

– A quote from a recent client who’s finally decided to build her LinkedIn presence.

Being an expert that nobody knows of has been bothering her for quite some time, and this guy’s statement was the straw that broke the camel’s back. So she decided to pimp her LinkedIn profile, and embark on a personal branding journey, a.k.a. create content that positions her as an authority amongst other designers.

Now get this.

Your clients’ words are THE MOST POWERFUL tool you can use in your writing to resonate with your Target Audience. And resonating with your Target Audience means trust. And trust means sales.

So how can you actually use this knowledge to write copy that sells?

Let’s say you’re a Personal Branding expert, and you need to optimise your LinkedIn profile. You just heard your client saying, “One annoying dude I met back in college called me a no-name designer.” Sweet.

Let’s write your profile’s Banner (Cover Photo) addressing that pain point.

We can use one of the formulas from our “15 Steps to Writing a Killer LinkedIn profile” guide to write a Banner that sparks curiosity;

The “Ask a provoking question” formula.

Here are three hypothetical Banner versions.

(V1) Can you land a client based purely on your industry reputation?

(V2) Are you an expert with no personal brand? It’s crippling your earning potential.

(V3) Are you getting paid what you’re worth?

Smooth. You got your Target Clients’ attention. Now expand it into a story.

Again, we’ll follow the persuasive storytelling principles from the 15-step profile guide. We can use those storytelling principles to write entire About & Experience sections.

This is how the beginning of your About section could look like.

You’re a TOP expert in your industry. Trying to make a difference.

You have a sharp mind, and your clients profit from your work – BIG TIME.

But nobody outside your inner circle knows you exist.

You need to constantly chase projects, and prove yourself to every single client like a complete noob.

It sucks.

I know how it feels because I’ve been there.

Congratulations, you just hooked your Target Clients in to keep on reading. Your copy resonates with them perfectly. Offer them a solution that makes sense, mention a couple of results, and they’ll be already pulling out their credit card.

This same method works miracles in your content, website, sales pages, email marketing, or whatever you write really. LinkedIn profile was just one example.

All good champ?

I hope this read was super useful.

Start writing down everything you hear your clients say when they’re talking about their problems. Then use it in your copy.

Your only worry is going to be how to handle all the extra demand.

May the sales be with you,


P.S. If you want to write a LinkedIn profile that speaks to your Target Audience, follow the 15 steps outlined in our LinkedIn Profile Guide. You don’t really need to understand much about persuasive writing, because everything’s mapped out. You just follow each step (with bunch of formulas and examples by the way), and let the guide do its magic. Once your profile is optimised, it sells for you 24/7.

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