Turning results into inbound leads

Talking about your results has always been the easiest way to monetise your audience.

But nothing is ever as easy as it seems, innit?

Here’s the problem:

You don’t know how to talk about your accomplishments without coming across as salesy, spammy, or sounding like you’re bragging.

Here’s the solution:

Instead of focusing on yourself, shift your focus to your target audience, and turn your average look-at-me-posts into valuable customer-centric content.

Here are 5 Formulas with examples how to do just that.

1. Result + Ask Me Anything.

This one is dead simple and straightforward.

Pick a result that proves your credibility, then add “ask me anything”.

Make sure you give quality answers in the comments section, and voila – your sales will explode.

2. Results + CTA.

What do you want people to do? Subscribe to your newsletter? Buy your product? Something else?

They’ll hardly do anything, unless you give them a damn good reason.

This is where results come handy. If you can prove they need to listen to you, they will.

3. Screenshot + How To.

Screenshots are powerful for one simple reason – people know you’re telling the truth. (Presuming you’re not a psycho who’s photoshopping the screenshot itself, but I hope that’s rarely the case.)

Ok, now that you’ve screenshotted your result – it’s time to explain HOW you got there, step-by-step.

This is how you make yourself useful to your audience, while further proving you are the Expert.

4. Result + Strategy.

The difference between numbers 3 and 4, is that here you won’t go too deep into the “how”.

Zoom out, and explain the strategy behind instead.

To the reader it’s both helpful & eye-appealing. A winning combo.

5. Result + Unexpected Twist.

This one is a beast.

Its aim: to shock, challenge, break the common beliefs, and make your target audience think.

In this particular example, I challenged the common belief that more engagement means more cash in your pocket.

People loved it.

To sum up.

The secret to effectively market your results is this. Make it about your target audience.

Educate them, challenge them, get them thinking.

Just how I did it in this newsletter.

Not only did you just learn new writing techniques you can apply to your business, but in fact you’ve read a bunch of my results.

Resultsception, convinces you I know my shit.

And that’s exactly how good marketing works.

Until next Friday superstar.



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