Very few know how to do this right

Hey there, Superstar!

Everybody knew when about two years ago the price of Dogecoin ridiculously skyrocketed, when a random guy on Tinder got millions of $$$ by fooling women, or when Rihanna was walking around naked whilst heavily pregnant.

You just can’t escape this news.

What they didn’t know, is how to turn it into likes, comments, and shares on social media.

Even better, how to prove their expertise by writing quality content inspired by current trends, and get some paying clients.

So let’s dig in.

There are 3 advantages of using mainstream news in your content:

  1. People know what you’re talking about right away. This significantly decreases the chances of giving up on reading your post.
  2. It’s highly relatable. If they already know about it, they’ll be able to relate easily.
  3. It’s topical. Everybody has an opinion, and you give them a place to share it.

There’s only one catch – you need to do it right.

What doesn’t build authority.

This is where most of the people go wrong.

They’ll use trendy news to share memes, funny images, polls, etc.

Perhaps they’ll get a like or two, make someone laugh, but none of this builds authority.

It doesn’t prove your expertise, and even if you get 1,000 likes – I bet nobody will hit your inbox saying “I saw your post, and I’d like to work with you”.

What does.

So, how can you actually build Authority, and go right where others go wrong?

Let me show you an example of my post.

See what I did here?

One of our services is to teach people how to build Brand Authority.

So I used this topic to talk about the importance of building your Personal Brand on social media.

This is how you successfully generate demand for your products/services.

Let’s take a look at another example:

Here I brought into play the well-known “Tinder Swindler” Netflix documentary, to dig in deeper into marketing psychology, and explain a few powerful marketing tactics.

Again, I used something very popular, and connected it with the core of our company’s expertise.

Three steps to nail down your content by posting about the obvious.

Now, you can do the same.

Simply follow these three steps:

  1. Think of something everybody’s talking about atm.
  2. Find an angle that connects it to your Industry.
  3. Add your unique perspective.

That’s literally it.

You can do it mate. I believe in you.

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See you soon, Stevan

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