Why our content sells more

Most content creators make the same three mistakes.

They either talk about other people’s expertise, give generic advice, or take the easier route of posting selfies & memes, instead of proving their competence.

But “easy” rarely works.

I’ll give you a straight example of why that strategy fails to attract enough clients, if any at all. (Especially if you offer high-ticket services.)

Let’s say you’re a copywriter. What do you think will make clients believe your writing is the shit? Posting about big brands’ successful copy, or actually writing something incredible yourself?


Apply this same logic to basically any industry. I’m using this example because I’m a copywriter myself, and every day I see why lots of copywriters struggle. It’s so obvious. Let me show you what I mean.

This is how most copywriters’ posting schedule looks like:

Mon – The top 10 copywriting techniques used by Apple.

Tue – 6 ways to grow your sales.

Wed – A funny meme related to the marketing industry.

Thu – Key takeaways from the best book on productivity I’ve ever read.

Fri – How to increase your engagement.

Total likes = 1,000+. Total clients = 0.

Now take a look at my recent posts:

– Bad vs. Good LinkedIn Headlines. (rewritten by us)

– Why our LinkedIn profiles sell more than others. (our 7-step Framework)

– A testimonial screenshot + funny caption.

– A result we got from rewriting our client’s profile + “how you can do the same”.

– The post that made us $8,991.

See the difference? My posts give you tons of proof that I do my job well. And I do this over and over again. The more you make people believe you’re worth their investment, the more money you’re going to make.

Keep this in mind. And let it become the backbone of your content strategy.

Have an 8.97/10 weekend at least,


P.S. If you need Authority-building content ideas, you can access them in the Bonus ebook here. We don’t have all the secrets…but do know what’s worked pretty well for us.

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