Why this dead-simple strategy generates Qualified leads

If you create high-quality content, share decent advice, and educate your audience, but keep getting low-quality leads, chances are this is why;

Your content & sales strategies aren’t aligned.

For instance, I could be posting about:

  • Subject lines that increase open rates – but we don’t do email marketing.
  • The best way to outsource your content – but we don’t sell ghostwriting.
  • Websites that convert – but atm we don’t write websites.

And more.

The point is – to sell your products/services, you have to write about what you actually sell. Not what you know.

Even if you’ve successfully defined what you’re selling, make sure you relate it back to your Ideal Client in every post. This is so easy to overlook, it’s stupid.

Here’s an example:

You wrote a super valuable post on “How to scale your coaching business from 6 to 7 figures”, but your target clients are employees starting their coaching businesses as a side hustle.

That post won’t resonate with them – so they’ll just skip it. A relevant post in this scenario would be, “How to get your first coaching client online”, or “3 ways to make quick cash outside your day job with online coaching.” This is how you get their attention. And ultimately turn that attention into cash.

Makes sense?


I think I hear the doorbell.

So tty soon,


P.S. If you feel unclear on your content strategy, you’re not sure if you’re heading in the right direction, or simply need to get out of your own head, book your 45-min Clarity Call here.

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