20 LinkedIn Profile FAQs

I get asked hundreds of LinkedIn profile questions every day. So I’ve chosen the 20 that matter, and answered them below.

Let’s roll.

1. “How long should a good About section be?”

Use the character limit (2,500). About section should act as your mini sales page.

2. “What makes a profile stand out?”

  • Kicking yourself out.
  • Connecting with your ideal clients’ pains & wants.
  • Linking your past experiences to your current expertise.

These three alone already make you slide into the Top 1%.

3. “What’s your go-to icebreaker?”

Icebreakers are your Banner, Headline, and the first sentence of your About section. There are a couple of highly effective formulas when it comes to crafting these, and you can find them all here.

4. “What should my headline contain?”

If you want your headline to spark interest, it has to address the following:

  • what you’re doing
  • for whom
  • how’s your solution unique

5. “Do you have any specific advice for writing unique bios?”

Nobody cares about you, or how unique you are. People only care about what’s in it for them, and whether you can solve their problem or not. Period.

If you can show that you understand the reader’s pains and fears, then address how you solve them through story-driven copywriting, you have their attention.

It’s counterintuitive, but your bio is not about you – it’s about your Target Client.

6. “I’m curious about what goes into writing a LinkedIn profile for someone who’s involved in 100M+ deals. Can you give me some insight into that process?”

The psychology of selling doesn’t change between a $500 deal, or a $100M deal. The process is always something like this:

Step 1. Identify your ICP. (Ideal Client Persona)

Step 2. Get a full understanding of your offer. (Process, benefits, outcome.)

Step 3. Use storytelling & persuasive copy to write a profile that connects your expertise with your ideal clients’ problems. (Making you a no-brainer.)

Step 4. Fact-check everything & polish your copy.

Step 5. Profit.

7. “I have both a job and side business that are totally unrelated, so how should I position my LinkedIn profile?”

You’ll have to focus on one. (Suppose that’s gonna be your side business if your goal is to generate leads via LinkedIn.)

8. “What’s the most common mistake that people make?”

Talking about themselves.

9. “How do I overcome writer’s block?”

Use templates and formulas. They’re life savers.

10. “Does SEO matter when writing my LinkedIn profile?”

Only if you don’t create content on LinkedIn. Then make sure to use the job title your potential employers/clients would put in the search when looking for someone like you. If you do create content (which I highly recommend), SEO is irrelevant.

11. “How should my About section flow if I want to keep the reader’s attention until the end?”

  • Problem.
  • Amplify problem.
  • Solution.
  • Results.
  • CTA. (Call-To-Action)

12. “How do I minimise pushback?”

Kill your clients’ objections upfront. Talk about them throughout your profile.

13. “What makes a good CTA?”

Make it short, clear, and highlight the main benefit your service provides.

14. “What should be included in my Featured section?”

1-5 links that drive people to your main offers. (Products, consulting calls, coaching, etc.)

15. “How many past positions should I include?”

We recommend five max, including your current position.

16. “Can my Banner & Headline be the same?”

Why waste valuable space by repeating the same thing twice? Instead, focus your Banner on your Target Audience’s greatest perceived problem, and Headline on your solution.

17. “What questions should I ask myself before I start writing?”

Questions about your:

  • Target Audience. (Their pains, wants, fears, and desires.)
  • Solution. (And how it fits into their story.)
  • Past Positions. (And how they make you a better expert today.)

You can find all the questions you’ll ever need here.

18. “Should I use professional language and terminologies?”

Big no. Talk like you’re talking to your best friend.

19. “I have multiple client personas, which one should I target?”

Identify what problem they ALL have in common, and focus your profile on how you solve it.

20. “How often should I update my profile?”

Once you have good copy, you only need to make changes if you either alter your offer, or want to target a different audience.

“Insightful, Dina. But I still don’t know how to write a profile that sells, or where to even start.”

I know. You need a system.

That’s why we made it super easy for you – a 15-step Guide leading you through each profile section, from start to finish.

You get:

  • Questions to answer before you even start writing. (To make sure your profile will 100% resonate with your Target Audience.)
  • Persuasive Frameworks, Techniques & Copy Formulas. (I.e. what to write where & HOW.)
  • Examples from various industries. (Plus the Top picks from our BEST PERFORMING clients’ profiles with outlined Techniques we used.)

So here’s the deal.

1 proven system. 15 steps to follow. 1 outcome – profit.

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