5 profile mistakes you’re probably making right now

We give profile feedback to 6, 7, and 8-figure clients every day.

They have no problem selling low and mid-end offers, or closing referral work that comes their way. But when it comes to selling high-end offers to cold leads, they’re stuck.

So I thought it would be super valuable to share the five most common mistakes they’re making. Chances are, you’re making them too.

1. Repeating the same line in your Headline & Cover photo.

Your Headline & Cover photo are two of the first things people see when they land on your profile. You’ve got approx. 3 sec to grab their attention. Why waste that precious space by repeating the same sentence twice?

Instead, focus on tackling your Target Audience’s greatest perceived problem on your Cover photo, and offering a 1-sentence solution in your Headline.

Not sure how? Find attention-grabbing formulas here.

2. Not following a proven About section Framework.

The 5-step copywriting Framework that works each time, with each profile, is this:

  • Problem.
  • Amplify the problem.
  • Offer your Solution.
  • Results & Testimonials.
  • Call-To-Action (CTA).

If you talk about the solution first, then about the problem, your message will simply be off. Copy has to follow a logical order to persuade.

Check out how to write a persuasive About section, step-by-step, here.

3. Talking about the Solution too quickly.

Even when people follow the About section Framework mentioned above, they rush to the solution. Basically they talk about the problem in 1-3 sentences, then immediately start pitching their offer.

It’s like when you’re arguing with someone, and it’s obvious they aren’t paying any attention to what you have to say, but can’t wait their turn to start talking shit again. How likely will that approach convince you to change your mind?…Exactly.

So here’s a better way. Follow the 80-20 rule. 80% of the time talk about your Target Customer’s problem, and 20% of the time about your solution. The Pareto Principle wins.

4. Unclear Solution.

The next problem is not clearly stating how you solve your Target Customer’s greatest perceived pain. You managed to describe what they’re struggling with & what they’re doing wrong, but not how you can solve it.

This leaves your Target Customer with an impression of not knowing exactly what they’ll get after working with you. Or how it’ll improve their life. So they won’t buy.

5. Too many current Experiences.

I see this too often. People try to cram their profiles with five senior present roles to look like the top dawg. But it’s actually a massive red flag. Here’s what your customer really thinks, “How the fuck can you run five different businesses, and still have time to solve my problem?”

They’ve got a fair point. To avoid the red flagy flag, stick to two current positions max.

There ya go.

I just equipped you with the insights needed to write some serious copy.

Fix these five, and you’ll increase the sellability of your LinkedIn profile by 200%. At least.

After all, is there a better tool for learning – than making mistakes?

Here’s to that badass mindset,


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