A headline mistake that kills conversion

I’ve consulted over 300 founders on their LinkedIn profiles, and seen all the textbook mistakes service providers can make.

But one stood out.

A | B | C | D | E | F Headlines.

Here’s what I mean:

Copywriter | UX & UI Designer | CMO | Keynote Speaker | Podcaster | Financial Advisor.

Reading this, would you actually believe I’m an expert on any of the above?

Didn’t think so.

So what makes you think people perceive things differently when reading your headline?

“Yeah, that makes sense. But what should I do?”

Choose one problem you solve, then frame your headline around it. Kick out anything that doesn’t:

  • relate to that problem
  • relate to your Target Client
  • communicate the benefits from solving the problem
  • communicate the pain your solution takes away
  • position you as an Industry Expert

And when I say anything, I mean ANYTHING. If your headline doesn’t focus on your Big-3 (the problem you solve, for whom, and how), there’s a good chance no one will have a clue why anything you do is relevant to them.

Real Example.

Let’s pick one of the job titles above, and write a persuasive headline. How about a UX & UI Designer?

Ok, here’s the headline:

“I design the software your clients love – by prioritising User Experience above everything else. | UX & UI Designer.”

It clearly communicates:

  • the problem you solve
  • how
  • benefit for the client

And therefore, positions you as an Expert.

Makes sense?


If you’re still not sure how to craft your power headline, here are the only five Headline Formulas you’ll ever need to persuade. Examples for various industries are included.

Less is More.

Here’s the final lesson to take home:

The more titles you have in your headline, the weaker your marketing message. The less titles you have in your headline, the stronger your marketing message.

And only a strong marketing message has the power to convert.

So if in doubt, deduct.


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