Where all your marketing problems come from:

Marketing not going as planned, and holding your business back?

Let’s fix that.

Most of your marketing problems come from either:

  • Poor writing, or
  • Poor choice of topics to write about.

Not sure how to solve either of those?

Put me in, coach.

Let’s start with writing.

Grab & Keep Attention Following This Simple Format.

1) HOOK.

1. Use shocking stats, bold claims, big wins, missing pieces, and other formulas that spark interest.

Template that always performs well: How I achieved X [the thing your target client wants], without Y [pain].

Example: “How I lost 10lbs, without giving up on pizza & ice cream.”

2. Communicate the Naked Benefit people get if they keep reading.

Template that always performs well: X steps to [desired result]:

Example: “5 steps to financial freedom:”

3. Call out your Target Audience every once in a while.

Template that always performs well: If you’re [ideal client] + [pain point]

Example: “If you’re a Coach, Consultant, or Founder of a service-based business making less than 6 figures through LinkedIn…”

Regardless of the template you choose to write your Hook, don’t forget it has to accomplish one thing; encourage the reader to keep going.

Want 67 more Hook templates with examples? Here they are.

2) BODY.

Stick to these five rules:

  • no fluff
  • get straight to the point
  • talk directly to your reader
  • either provide actionable advice, or change the reader’s perspective
  • follow a logical flow


Summarise, ask a question, or (my favourite) – end with a punchy one-liner.

Ending that always performs well:

“That’s it in a nutshell.

Got a question?


Want 18 more Post Ending templates? Here they are.

Now onto the second problem, i.e. what the hell to write about.

Topics That Get You Leads.

If you want to make money through LinkedIn, your first goal is to position yourself as an Industry Authority. The more people trust you know your shit, the more are going to buy. Simple.

Now, let’s say you want to position yourself as a knowledgeable Content Writer. What topics does a Content Writer need to master?

I’ll drop a few:

  • Best Writing Practices
  • Content Distribution
  • Content Strategy
  • Idea Generation
  • Best Headlines
  • Storytelling
  • SEO

And the list goes on.

So, when you don’t know what to write about, you pick one of these, and write about it.

This works best when combined with the Writing Format + Persuasive Hooks above.

Want 19 more authority-building Content Ideas? Here they are.

Master Those Two, And You Win.

Improving your writing and choosing the right topics solves 95% of your marketing problems.

The downside, it’s not as easy as it seems. The upside, there are only two. So once you master both, you can take your trophy home.

And stack some cash.

Thanks for reading, Champ.

I’ll see you next Friday.


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