Validating clarity in 60 sec

If your prospects don’t understand the value behind your offer, they’re never going to become paying clients.

Having said that, clarity is your bestest of friends.

Here’s how you validate clarity on your BIG 3 (Profile, Content & Engagement) in 60 seconds.



– Do they say who you help, what you help them with, and how?

This has to be clear in the first 2-3 seconds. If not, there’s a high chance the reader will quit reading.


– Did you describe your Target Client’s problem in fine detail?

– Did you communicate the transformation your Target Client will experience from applying your solution? (Where they’re now vs. where they want to be.)

– Is your offer crystal clear?

– Does the reader know what to do next?

If not, there’s a high chance the reader will never reach out.


– After reading, has the reader got the impression you’ve been mastering your current expertise throughout your entire life?

If not, there’s a high chance they’ll doubt your ability to solve their problem.


– Do you talk to one Target Persona from multiple angles?

– Do you cover three interconnected core topics max?

  • Are you known for 1 thing?

If not, you’ll weaken your message.


– Do your comments scream “this person knows their shit“?

If not, you’ll get lost in the crowd.

Clarity is King.

As you can see, clarity is directly influencing EVERYTHING you do on LinkedIn, and as the final outcome – the amount of fresh cash in your pocket.

That’s why we turned it into a LIVE, actionable, 60-min Masterclass, run personally by Dina and myself.

The 60-min Client Clarity Challenge is for everyone who:

  • Has expertise, but isn’t taken seriously on LinkedIn.
  • Makes less than 6 figures through organic content.
  • Struggles to attract Qualified Inbound Leads.
  • Attracted an audience that isn’t buying.
  • Would love some clarity right now.

It won’t be your average Masterclass where you’ll just listen to a bunch of theories & principles, and be bored to death. You’ll have to grab a pen and paper, roll up your sleeves, and do the work. Tons of micro exercises & actionable tasks that’ll get you thinking like your customer.

Sounds good?

Let’s do it.

You can Save Your Seat NOW at the special early bird price, because you’ve been subscribed to this list. (We appreciate that big time.) There are only 30 seats available, and in an hour – we’re sending it to our 95,900+ LinkedIn followers. So hurry up. It might fill up fast.

See you at the Masterclass,

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