20 best questions I’ve been asked

A couple months back, I ran a 1-hour “Ask Me Anything” LinkedIn session. Out of 307 questions on power writing, audience building, and turning words into paying clients –

these were the 20 that carried the most weight. So I thought I’d share them here with you.

Let’s go.

1. If you have 3 related offers under one CORE Offer, how do you promote all of them without overwhelming the reader?

Having 3 related offers is one of the strongest places to sell from.

You can focus all your content on the same client from multiple angles, and as your content always relates to them, their problems, and their fears, they won’t feel overwhelmed.

2. What’s the first piece of advice you would give to a Newbie Copywriter?

Hand-write transcriptions of any writing that catches your eye for 1 hour each day.

This will massively improve your understanding of strategy, effective writing techniques, and develop memory recall.

You’ll be a solid writer before you know it, without paying a small fortune.

3. What are the best types of posts that convert readers into Buyers?


  1. Actionable advice that your readers can apply right away.
  2. Results, case studies & testimonials. (aim 1 per week)
  3. How-Tos + Examples
  4. “Show, Don’t Tell” posts
  5. Real-Time Skill (like this post)

4. Could you describe the Framework for lead generation through content in ONE SENTENCE?

Provide an insane amount of value from the first point of contact.

5. How to move from basic offers to Premium Offers?

Create your premium product/service, and sell it for a lower price, then gradually increase the price as you gather social proof.

For example, when I started writing LinkedIn profiles, they cost around $2,000 without social proof.

When I had enough testimonials to show the value, I raised the price to $2,997, asked for feedback, gathered more social proof, and then raised the price again.

Basically, you’ll find that the switch to premium pricing comes naturally as your reputation increases, and potential clients value your expertise more and more.

6. What’s the WORST power writing advice you’ve ever received?

“You’ve got to talk about yourself more.”

7. How do you mix content in your Sales Funnel? Any particular types of posts you use specifically for the Top of the Funnel, Mid-Funnel, and Bottom of the Funnel?

Top of the Funnel: Breaking the common beliefs, sharing painfully good advice, sharing success frameworks. (Dumb down & never use industry jargon.)

Mid-Funnel: How-to posts, real-time skill, change of perspective, explaining both how-to & why.

Bottom of the Funnel: Sales posts (long-form), case studies.

8. When starting out, should the frequency of posting be high? And would it be advisable to slow down later to focus on more Quality posts?

Never compromise quality for quantity.

I started by posting at the same time of day twice per week, and my audience grew from 700 to 15,000 in a year.

Then, when I knew my content was working, and what I needed to do to maintain consistent quality – I switched to posting 5x a week, which was when my account exploded.

9. Do you think it’s best to build audiences on multiple platforms AT ONCE?

Big no.

If you’re a one-man band, there’s a high chance you won’t get traction on any.

Master one, then head on over to the next.

(I’m still only on LinkedIn – takes a LOT of time to do this properly.)

10. How do you ensure your content is getting in front of the RIGHT audience?

Gain clarity on the Big 3:

Who you help, what you help them with, and how.

Then make sure all your content includes actionable advice focused on them, their problems, and how you fit into their story.

11. What patterns did you see in your Top performing posts?

  1. Engagement-wise: Controversial posts, breaking common misconceptions, polarising.
  2. Money-wise: Proving my competence. (Results, case studies, testimonials, “show, don’t tell” posts.)

12. How do you hone in on the Pillars of your content?

Your target clients’:

  • problems
  • wants
  • fears
  • desires
  • results they wanna achieve

…are the pillars of your content.

Approach each one from multiple angles, and ditch everything else.

13. What are the 3 most important things to engage the LinkedIn algorithm?

The Daily 3;

  1. Post daily.
  2. Engage daily.
  3. Network daily.

But the algorithm won’t help you win on LinkedIn.

Good writing will.

The algorithm is 5% of the success equation.

14. When did you decide to start monetising your audience? Was there a SPECIFIC follower target number?

Delay the ask as much as possible, I’d say for at least 6 months of consistent posting.

Then write 90% “give” posts to 10% “ask” posts.

As time goes by, and your authority increases, so can the percentage of ask posts.

15. What’s the worst someone charging Premium can do (besides provide a low-quality service)?

Failing to set boundaries, and allowing clients to question their expertise.

16. Why does my content get low impressions, even though it is consistently targeted to a specific audience?

The same still happens to me.

When your content goes niche, e.g., you’re selling to a specific sub-group of people, fewer people will relate to the content, so naturally, your visibility decreases.

However, these posts are often the best for sales.

17. If you just started on LinkedIn, what would be your plan on how to get your first clients?

  1. Gain clarity on your BIG 3 – the problem you solve, for whom, and how.
  2. Do some free/low-priced work to collect results & testimonials.
  3. Use the insights from 1 & proof from 2 to write customer-centric content at least 3 times/week.

Inbound leads will start coming in.

18. What’s the number 1 secret to Hooks that work?


Don’t reinvent the wheel, apply what already works.

Here are 67 Templates with Examples that’ve been proven to work time and again.

19. One thing you regret doing in business?

Not following my gut feeling.

When you feel that a client is going to be a problem, they usually are.

20. What do you think is the least understood aspect of copywriting?

Most copywriters fail to put the customer first.

Everyone wants to talk about themselves, their products, and their business – and forgets that the client is only interested in how that benefits them.

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