20 post ideas in 27 sec:

Alright, let’s roll:

1. 5 [INDUSTRY] tips better than a college degree.
2. Pros & Cons of X.
3. What no one told you about X.
4. I was stuck in an [UNPLEASANT SITUATION] for X years before this happened.
5. From X [CHALLENGE] to Y [RESULT].
6. The difference between X and Y.
7. The good, the bad, and the ugly sides of X.
8. How to [DO X] in Y steps.
9. X powerful formulas to [ACCOMPLISH Y].
10. X steps to play the [INDUSTRY] game like a pro.
11. [PRODUCT/PROCESS] Breakdown.
12. Everyone knows X. What they don’t know is Y.
13. Must-have [PRODUCT/PROCESS] Checklist.
14. Steal my X-step process to [ACCOMPLISH Y].
15. [NICHE] profit killers.
16. Took me X years to learn this.
17. X principles that help you [DO Y].
18. Bad practice vs. Good practice.
19. Testimonial + funny caption.
20. Listicle like this one.

The best thing?

Most of these you can use as post Hooks to draw readers in, and make sure your posts get extra attention.

So here’s 67 more – with examples included.



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