If you don’t use this, you’ll never monetise your following

If someone asked me what the most significant factor behind every successful post I’ve ever written is, my answer would be this – apply persuasive copy principles.

Here’s why.

You need persuasive copy principles to:

grab attention (make the reader stop scrolling)

keep attention (make them read your entire post)

trigger action (make them buy from you, schedule a discovery call, sign up for your newsletter, or whatever goal you have in mind).

If you fail to do even one of these, you won’t make the sale. Simple as that.

But without rambling on about the WHAT, I wanna show you exactly HOW to do it.

This is, for example, a recent post I’ve written that hooked in 63 subscribers for this newsletter in one day.

Post Breakdown.

1. Statistics.

  • 21.5% vs. 92%
  • Used as a Hook. (grabs attention immediately)
  • Result-focused.

2. Power Words.

  • Strategy
  • Simple
  • Consistently
  • Insane
  • Value

3. Bold Statements.

  • “Consistently provide an insane amount of value.”
  • “Join & see the value yourself.”
  • Show confidence.

4. Benefit-focused Topic.

  • Gives you a reason to sign up.
  • Boosts anticipation.
  • Short & clear.

5. Domineering CTA (call-to-action).

  • Acts as I’ve already convinced you to sign up.
  • Shows confidence.
  • Creates mystery.

Why the post worked.

All of the above (strong hooks, bold claims, specific numbers, naked benefits & strong endings) are powerful ways to grab, keep, and convert attention.

And I bet even if you only try three of them, you’ll see why they’re so popular.

Until next time Superstar,


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