Play the LinkedIn Game like a Pro

​LinkedIn is the most prominent B2B Service Provider Marketplace in the world.

But 99% of Service Providers suck at playing the LinkedIn Game.

This is what they do:

  • Rely on 1 Idea Generation Source.
  • Post about whatever comes to mind.
  • Don’t have a Content System.
  • Struggle with posting daily.
  • Focus on likes & reach. No bueno.

Here’s how the Top 1% play:

Engagement → Content → Profile → Call → Offer → $$$

Let’s break this down.


LinkedIn’s a Social Network for Professionals.

You need to socialise to get noticed.

The bare minimum is:

  • Respond to your messages.
  • Reply to most of your comments.
  • Comment on your ideal clients’ posts.
  • Comment on your competitors’ posts.
  • Comment on large accounts.
  • Say thanks when people share your posts.
  • Say thanks when people mention your name.

If you can do more, even better.

But keep in mind that quality beats quantity here.


If you want to build Authority on LinkedIn, your content must rock.

But the point of your content is not to get you likes.

It’s to position you as the Authority in your niche.

The skeleton of your content should cover:

  • Simple & Actionable Advice your ideal clients can use straight away.
  • The common beliefs in your industry that are actually bullshit.
  • The common problems & challenges in your niche.
  • How you solve those problems.
  • What you’ve been working on (case studies + testimonials).
  • Your values & principles.
  • Your processes.

Spice this up with your personal stories every once in a while, but make sure you still give value to the reader. (Remember that none of your posts is about you, even the personal ones.)


Your profile is your Personal Brand’s Landing page.

Its goal is to build trust & make your Ideal Clients take action towards working with you.

These are the three questions your profile needs to answer FAST:

Who is your Ideal Client?
What burning problem do you solve for them?
How do you solve that problem in a unique way that reverses their deepest fear, or handles their biggest concern?

Whatever you do, don’t forget:

People don’t care about you. They care about what you can do for them.

Make your profile accordingly.

If you need help with writing a profile that dominates 99+% of profiles on LinkedIn, follow the steps outlined in our “15 Steps to Writing a Killer LinkedIn Profile” e-book.

4. CALL.

Ok, you managed to gain trust, and get on a call with your Ideal Client.

If you managed to do the first 3 steps right, you’ll manage to close clients even if your sales skills are average.

But that’s not where the game ends.


You still need to nail down your offer.

Here’s the formula to keep in mind (stolen from Alex Hormozi):

6. $$$

Your money is in the bank.

Now all you need to do is rinse & repeat.

Sounds daunting?

Yeah, definitely not easy, but here’s what you can do now:

  • Read this once again: Engagement → Content → Profile → Call → Offer → $$$.
  • Identify the weakest link of your LinkedIn Game.
  • Take one step to improve that link.

That’s it.

Remember – small steps lead to big wins.

Until next time,


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