The Ultimate LinkedIn Profile Checklist

Dina is going to kill me, but our LinkedIn Profile Checklist is just too good not to share.

So get this Superstar.

In 2023, LinkedIn is the place to be;

  • 900,000,000+ accounts.
  • 44% users making more than $75,000 per year.
  • Highest conversion rate out of all the platforms. (3x higher than Twitter & Facebook.)

You simply cannot afford to ignore your LinkedIn profile anymore.

So let me show you the exact Checklist we use for our 6 and 7-figure clients when they want to generate 4 or 5-figure deals via LinkedIn.

We go through the list once we’ve finished writing a profile, and assume it’s “good to go”. If all the boxes are checked, the profile can go live.

The Ultimate LinkedIn Profile Checklist.


☐ Does it target your Ideal Client’s main problem?

☐ Does it compel the reader to keep on reading, i.e. is it provoking, shocking, or intriguing enough?

☐ Is the focus solely on the text, without any design distractions?

In case you’re not quite sure, you can check attention-grabbing Banner formulas here.


☐ Does it communicate a 1-sentence solution? (Who do you help, what do you help them with, and how.)

☐ Is it specific?

☐ Does it contain a single profession/job title?

If you didn’t tick all the boxes, discover effective Headline formulas here.


☐ Is the Hook strong enough?

☐ Are you talking about your Target Client’s problem 80% of the time?

☐ Did you trigger their dominant emotion?

☐ Are you addressing their greatest pains?

☐ Does talking about your solution make up 20% of the section max?

☐ Are you communicating the biggest benefits?

☐ Did you remove all the features?

☐ Did you communicate the transformation your Target Client will experience after they apply your solution? (Where they’re now vs. where they want to be.)

☐ Is your offer crystal clear?

☐ Does the reader know what to do next?

☐ Is your CTA bold?

☐ Do you offer any risk-reversal?

Not sure how to nail this? The step-by-step process for writing a persuasive About section is outlined here.


☐ Did you write a story for each past position?

☐ Did you link all of your past experience to your current expertise?

☐ Did you mention all your relevant results?

Perhaps it’s hard to believe, but proving you’re the right person to hire is possible even if you have ZERO relevant experience. Example profile is here.


☐ Is your copy strong enough?

☐ Are sentences simple?

☐ Did you remove all tech jargon/buzzwords?

☐ Does the profile scream “this person knows their shit“?

☐ Would you hire yourself after reading your profile?

Let’s see how many boxes you checked.

If you checked all of them, congratulations – your LinkedIn profile is a 24/7 sales machine on steroids.

If you haven’t, that’s completely ok.

95% of Business Owners will never ask themselves most of these questions, which means you’re already way ahead. So take it one step at a time.

Pick one section. Improve it by following the steps outlined here. Get a win. Use that momentum to win the next one.

Repeat until your profile is a beast.

Have a boss little weekend and I’ll speak to you soon,


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