The Persuasive Writing Equation

The biggest difference between service-based businesses selling 6 & 7 figures, and those that can’t close one client per month, has almost

20 best questions I’ve been asked

A couple months back, I ran a 1-hour “Ask Me Anything” LinkedIn session. Out of 307 questions on power writing, audience building, and turning

The job ad that broke LinkedIn

6 months ago, we were hiring a VA. The logical thing to do was to post about it on LinkedIn. But I’d never written a job ad before, so I spent a couple

Bell Curve Of Content

The other day, I was coaching a client with over 15 years industry experience. He’s been:
Writing religiously on LinkedIn for years.

5 times my posts have flopped

Over the past 3 years, I’ve written over 700 posts. Some were amazing. Others, not so much.

So I analysed five posts with *low engagement, the